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What to Do Before My Cleaner Arrives

If you’ve hired a house cleaner to help with a few chores, there are some things you can do before they arrive so that you get a cost-effective cleaning experience. A little preparation will go a long way, so make sure you do the following:

Organize Your House

This means picking up household items that are lying around and straightening out rooms. This is very important because the house cleaner will be able to clean your house instead of spending the majority of their time organizing it, which would be wasteful and cost you more. Picking up your household items will also prevent them from being misplaced and you will not have to spend your time searching for them afterwards.

Put Away Important Documents

A house cleaner may mistake these for garbage and your insurance forms and bank statements can end up in the trash. To prevent this from happening, you must organize all of your important paperwork and must place them in a safe spot so that the house cleaner does not interfere with such documents.

Put Away Your Pets

If your pet does not do well with strangers, it may be a better idea to place them in a crate or to put them in a room that the cleaners will not go into. You can base this aspect on your pet’s comfort level as well as that of the house cleaner who may feel uncomfortable being in a house with animals. Discuss this aspect in advance so that there are no issues during the cleaning process.

Determine Any Problem Areas That Require Special Care Or Attention 

If you have a specific room or area that you’d like the cleaners to focus on, make sure you discuss the matter beforehand so that they know about your request and clean accordingly. Communication is very important, so make sure you talk to your house cleaner prior to their arrival.

Make Sure Your House Cleaner Can Get In

If you are not going to be home during the cleaning or have scheduled it while you’re away, make sure the cleaning company has a key to your home so that they have access to it. You can also provide them with special instructions regarding your home security system if you have one so that they know how to turn it off and how to activate it when they leave.

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