How To Clean Your Home Faster And More Efficiently
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How to Clean Your Home Faster and More Efficiently

Most of us dread cleaning because the process is long and tiring. By the time you are done cleaning your house, you will likely feel exhausted but there are ways of making chores more tolerable and the following tips will help you clean your home faster and more efficiently:

Clean Your Entire Home As Opposed To One Room At A Time

Picking one task and doing this same chore in every room of your house will make your cleaning process a lot more efficient. Choose one task and whether it’s dusting, mopping or vacuuming, complete this chore in every room instead of cleaning your kitchen, then bathrooms, then your bedrooms individually. Doing multiple tasks in every room before moving on to the next area will make you feel tired and overwhelmed because it will feel like a never ending cycle.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need Before You Start Cleaning

Gathering all of your cleaning tools beforehand will make the process smoother and you will finish faster. Have everything you need in one portable place and you will have an easier time getting the job done. You can use a caddy, bucket or tote and this will prevent you from wasting your time.

Clear Cluttered Areas Before You Begin

This, too, will prevent you from wasting your time, so before you start cleaning, walk through your home and remove old magazines, shoes and anything else that will be in your way. Doing this in advance will save you a ton of time when you clean.

Always Sweep, Then Mop

Sweeping your kitchen and bathroom floors are a must, and when it’s time to mop, a great trick is to start doing this from the farthest corner of the room so that you can move backwards towards the doorway. This will allow you to clean thoroughly without backing yourself up into a corner.

Always Keep Moving When You Vacuum

It’s important to keep moving through your house as you do this chore so that you can get it done. Vacuuming is something that should be done regularly, so you do not have to focus and stress over every nook and cranny each time.

Make Cleaning A Family Activity

There’s no rule that says you have to clean alone, so get your family involved in the process. Making this a team activity is the best way to clean your house fast, so set up a cleaning schedule in advance so that everyone is present and assign different tasks to each person. Working as a team will also make the process more fun, so it will feel like less of a chore and together, you will be able to get the house clean in no time.

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