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The Importance of Green Seal

Green Seal has been a nonprofit organization for the past 30 years that focuses on creating a healthier and greener environment across the world. They work tirelessly every day to update and create new health standards for commercial buildings and commercial cleaners. They set standards for health, product performance and sustainability through their line-up of products and services. Over the years, they have certified over 33,000 products to ensure the consumer knows that each product with the Green Seal mark meets the highest standards for their health and the environment.

The Green Seal Advantage

At Green2Clean, all of our commercial cleaning products are Green Seal certified, which allows us to meet the highest industry standards for each commercial and industrial building that we clean. Our employees are diligently trained to use the eco-friendly products that we have in place so that you receive the best cleaning service in the Kelowna and Edmonton areas. Our philosophy is simple: A cleaner, safer and healthier environment means a more productive workplace!

The Green Seal Compass

Each product that is certified by Green Seal follows the same compass guidelines, which is a science-based process to ensure that each product is the healthiest, most responsible and most effective it can be. The compass is broken up into four categories that each product must follow: protect human health, minimize waste, ensure clean water, preserve the climate.

Protect Human Health

If a cleaning product is Green Sealed certified, it must be human-friendly, which means that it is not toxic to ingest or inhale, it is free of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, asthmagens, VOCs and neurotoxins. It must also be sensitive to skin, and not combustible or flammable.

Minimize Waste

The packaging and container of the product must use recovered materials and be recyclable without affecting the product’s performance.

Ensure Clean Water

A certified Green Seal cleaning product must be aquatic friendly to ensure we all have access to safe drinking water. Each product must be aquatic biodegradable to prevent aquatic eutrophication, and the product must feature a certain amount of water to be compatible with the Green Seal certification.

Preserve the Climate

During the manufacturing process, a company that makes Green Seal products must ensure that they have limited energy use, mineral extraction, VOCs, and concentrated products.

The performance of each product must be high-quality and sustainable because an underperforming product may be thrown out and replaced sooner than it should be. This is a big waste of materials that could further harm the environment. A Green Seal certified product will work as well as, if not better than, a conventional method or product.

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